Publish date15 Apr 2018 - 16:27
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Al Azhar representative:

“We are concerned over another Iraq scenario in Syria”

Prominent professor at Al-Azhar University denounced the US-coalition invasion on Syria expressing concern that the move turns into another US scenario for Iraq.
“We are concerned over another Iraq scenario in Syria”
Sheikh Abbas Showmaan, Al Azhar representative called the recent invasion of US, UK and France coalition as harmful for the whole Arab world, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He noted,” The future of Syria is a concerning one since different countries are revealing their hidden role in regards to the issue.”
He added,” We are truly concerned over repetition of Iraq scenario in Syria.”
This is while Ahmad Zae’, Al Azhar spokesman also slammed the tripartite invasion by the United States, United Kingdom and France on Syria.
” The crime committed in Syria is damage for all Arabs” he said and added that the crime is unacceptable no matter what justifications follow that.
Al Azhar spokesman called for diplomatic solutions in Syria and stressed,” Arab interests should be prioritized over all other issues in Syria.”
Us President Donald Trump has issued the orders for missile attack against Syria before American, British and French armies target different spots in Syria with over one hundred missiles early on Sunday.
The attack has drawn much criticism from international bodies as the coalition did not permit probe into a former allegation that Damascus had targeted Eastern Ghouta with chemical weapons.
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