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Prayer leaders of Northern Khorasan Province:

Determination of Muslims only in light of unity

Determination of Muslims only in light of unity
Prayer leaders of the Sunni community in Northern Khorasan Province have stressed that determination of Muslims happen only in the light of solidarity.
Prayer leaders in the Iranian Province of Northern Khorasan stressed that to set the lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is one of the best strategies against enemies of Islam.
Haj Rahim Akhoond Samadi, prayer leader of Yekke So’ud, in his Friday sermon highlighted the role of Shia and Sunni clerics in boosting solidarity among Muslim since they have a lot in common which should be underlined.
“Scholars should inform the younger generation with true Islam, Qur’an and grounds for unity” said the cleric.
He warned,” If solidarity among different denominations serves Islam and if we agree that Muslim unity benefits their community, then we should note that the most complicated efforts and plots are hatched to undermine this solidarity.”
Iranian cleric said,” Solidarity among Muslims does not translate into retirement from their beliefs but unity means all Islamic schools of thought should cooperate in confrontation with enemies.”
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