In closing ceremony of 31st Islamic Unity Conference:

Claiming Jerusalem as Israeli capital, aggression against Islamic nation

7 Dec 2017 - 22:12

Ghana MP denounces US claiming of Jerusalem as Israeli capital calling that as an aggression against Islamic nation.

Abdul Muhammad Mubarak, Ghana Member of Parliament and participant to 31st Islamic Unity Conference hailed the messages of the Supreme Leader and Iranian President in the annual event and said all western propaganda have been proved as mere lies.
African participant to the annual event slammed the recent measure by Washington to move its embassy to Jerusalem Al Quds and recognition of the city as the Israeli capital and said," This move by the US is an aggression against Islamic nation and loser countries like Saudi Arabia which have conspired with the US and Zionist intrigues should refrain from the mistaken path and turn against the Zionist plot."
He stressed that the main issue in the world of Islam is lack of synchronization in the political area which has led to several other issues in the world of Islam.
He urged for a solution solutions against media intrigues and hostile propaganda making use of Islamic media and televisions.
Abdul Muhammad Mubarak also called for advancements in the field of science and technology and increasing research budgets in line with self-sufficiency of the Muslim world.
He proposed formation of a joint army, intelligence and banking system among Islamic countries and also visa-free trips between Islamic states.
Closing ceremony of the 31st Islamic Unity Conference was held on December 7th on the last leg of three day event held in Tehran concurrent with birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) dubbed as Islamic Unity Week.

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