Publish date7 Dec 2017 - 22:03
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Islamic Unity Conf. releases its closing statement

​The 31st edition of the Islamic Unity conference, in its closing ceremony, released final Statement in 26 articles.
Islamic Unity Conf. releases its closing statement
The 31st edition of the Islamic Unity conference on the theme of "Unity and Requirements of Modern Islamic Civilization", in its closing ceremony, released its final Statement in 26 articles, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The statement briefed on the ins and outs of the conference; the issued were discussed and proposals given by the key speakers during the event.

Part of it spotlighted the necessity of reviving modern Islamic civilization and went, "The establishment of an Islamic civilization refers to reviving an Islamic nation; such revival make the children of this nation connected like the different parts of a single body, and that is the true meaning of Islamic unity."

In another article, it was stated, "The revival of a civilization, by nature, goes hand in hand with the revival of a culture, and the most important pillar of a culture is its relation with the highest values."

The 31st International Islamic Unity Conference on the theme “Unity and Requirements for modern  Islamic Civilization” was mounted on the 16th to 18 th of Rabi’ al-Awwal, 1439 Hijri, with scholars, intellectuals, researchers, and activists, from 63 countries in attendance. 

The 31st edition of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought one more time gave voice to top clerics to offer the true image of divine religion of Islam obscured by western propaganda.

​The event was one-of-a-kind chance for thinkers, senior officials and featured faces to review setbacks and come up with efficient roadmaps to mend relation among Muslim nations. It marked the anniversary birthday of God’s final messenger, the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), placing much more stress on the focal point of unity and solidarity among Muslims and providing them with a ground to brave the existing setbacks.
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