Publish date7 Dec 2017 - 10:19
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Prophet Muhammad is by far the most beautiful symbol for promoting unity

"The Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is far and away the most beautiful symbol for promoting unity for the Ummah," stressed Sunni cleric from Golestan Province.
Prophet Muhammad is by far the most beautiful symbol for promoting unity

Prominent Sunni cleric from Golestan Province in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of the 31st eidtion of the Islamic Unity confernece, demanded Muslims nations to follow the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) noting,  "the most beautiful symbol for Muslim nations in the realm of unity is the personality of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)."

Beckoned to Muslims shared principles, the religious thinker stressed, "Muslims have many commonalities and similarities."

Of those, he highlighted Islam's Prophet (PBUH) noting, "The holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is unquestionably accepted by all different  sects and denominations and brings dignity and respect for the World of Islam."

"Muhmmad (PBUH) was not only the prophet of Muslims; all the same, he was the guidance of all human beings from the darkness to the light."

"The Great Prophet (PBUH) is the brightest star in the universe," stressed the seasoned cleric demanding Muslims nations to abide by the Islamic teachings and instructions.

"The divine prophet (PBUH) is a model for all humanity, so it is imperative that his teachings, religion and tradition be presented to the world well," underlined Akhound Davoud Amani.

The religious thinker urged Muslims urged Muslims to grab the golden chance provided in the unity week to preseve unity and boost solidairty in the World of Islam.


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