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Ayatollah Araki stresses:

Islamic proximity spreads among people from elites’ level

Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought noted that Islamic proximity has gone beyond expert-level of the topic and is spreading among ordinary people.
Islamic proximity spreads among people from elites’ level
Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in a meeting with Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting (IRIB)director General, Ali Asgari, referred to several instances where the Supreme Leader highlighted importance of confrontation with hostile plots against enemies and said launching global union of resistance scholars, Muslim women and resistance parties as well as deployment of proximity envoys are all measures to foil the plots hatched by enemies, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Secretary General of the World Forum also provided proposals for better coverage of events during 31st Islamic Unity Conference.
More active participation of the state television throughout the programs to be held during the conference, detailing the features of this conference where over half of the participants are among prominent figures and new to the annual event, academic debate on Islamic unity, introduction of unifying and dividing groups, explaining the advantages and disadvantages brought to regional nations and also interviewing the intellectuals attending the conference were among proposals by Ayatollah Araki.
Unity, necessity in Muslims world
Ali Asgari, director general of IRIB also highlighted the role of national media in convergence of the Muslim world and stressed,” As we are witness to victories of Muslim soldiers and the resistance against Daesh Takfiri terrorists and plots by world arrogant powers, we find necessity of unity for present world of Islam.”
He reiterated importance of solidarity in present Muslim world and added,” Enemies know that Muslim nations and followers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are people quite mighty in ideological, logical, human resources and also with territories prosperous in their economical, political and ground capabilities based on which the country has made it to turn into a great power against arrogant powers.
Iranian media executive, warning against hostile plots to destroy the might, underlined capabilities of Islamic regions and said,” The only region which can help growth of power is Islamic lands.”
Ali Asgari also referred to US plots to divide and intrigue Muslims before sparking bloodshed to weaken Islam and said,” The US masterminded creation of Daesh within the same framework though failure of the much-detested terrorist group foiled all such plots.”
He noted that the recent failure of Daesh terrorists paved the paths for security against such intrigues and added,” Now a new season for solidarity among Muslims has begun.”
Director General of IRIB counted tarnishing the might of Muslims and image of Islam as two major objectives for arrogant powers and said,” Weakening the might of Muslims is a part of plots by enemies though to scrap the image of Islam is an objective which should be prevented determinedly.”
He expressed hope that Islamic Unity Conference 2017 becomes a giant step towards strengthening of Muslims.
Ali Asgari stressed knowing enemies as another aspect of unity and said,” A proper knowledge on enemies will also lead to better understanding of unity.”
Iranian media executive also expressed hope that efforts by World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought for strengthening of Islamic solidarity will prosper and vowed all-out efforts by the state television to cover all aspects of the upcoming conference.
He said renovation of civilization necessitates complicated efforts and added,” All departments and bureaus of IRIB are fully prepared to make use of researches made by the World Forum and detail the strategies for boosting unity as well as renovating Islamic civilization.”
Ali Asgari noted that to reveal the heinous plots by channels in pursuit of spreading British-style Shia and American-style Islam is among objectives of IRIB and counted wise production of television programs among missions for national and foreign bureaus of IRIB.
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