Publish date30 Oct 2017 - 13:29
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First hybrid solar plant comes on stream in Sari

The first hybrid solar power plant with a production capacity of 3 KW became operational in Mazandaran province.
First hybrid solar plant comes on stream in Sari
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the solar-wind power plant Mon., the CEO of Mazandaran’s power company Ghasem Shahabi said using fossil fuels as a source of energy create pollution and damages the environment, causes global warming and climate change as well as several other problems. This is why there is a trend all around the world to utilize renewable energy resources.

Shahabi stated “some countries have shut down their thermal power stations and are mainly using renewable resources to produce electricity. Thermal power stations are only used as back up for energy production at times of emergency.”

As stated by the Iranian official, The main advantage of renewable energy resources include production at the site of consumption, reduction of pollution, lower damage to the grid and enhancement of passive defense.

He said “over the recent years, our country has paid attention to power production via renewable resources, resulting in several projects such as electrification of off-grid villages.
Shahabi further stated that the wind-solar power plant has been operationalized to electrify off-grid regions. The production capacity of the plant is 3 KW out of which 2500 watt is wind and 500 watt solar energy.

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