Publish date9 Oct 2017 - 14:40
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Starvation, Myanmar government's new tool against Rohingya Muslims

UK-based group has issued a statement warning against new strategy of Myanmar government to kill the Muslim minority in the country.
Starvation, Myanmar government
Burmese Rohingya Organization in UK (BROUK) has issued a statement and warned that Myanmar government has been blocking aids for prosecuted Rohingya Muslims in the country using starvation as its new tool against the impoverished minority group, Taqrib News Agency (TNA) reported.
Part of the message by the group reads,” Starvation caused by military and government restrictions on aid, movement, as well as new human rights violations and security concerns, are triggering a new wave of Rohingya people fleeing to Bangladesh.”
The message has also rebuked the Myanmar government for its new strategy against Muslims saying,” Thousands of Rohingya have already been arriving in Bangladesh because of lack of food in their home villages, as the government and military use starvation as another way of enforcing their ethnic cleansing campaign.”
According to refugees arriving in Bangladesh and those still in Burma the food crisis has now reached a tipping point where it has become impossible for people to stay.
The message has slammed the continued military attacks and burning of villages by the security forces although the UN Security Council called for an end to the violence against Rohingya.
The quarter of a million Rohingya now left in Burma are being subject to a range of different human rights violations depending on where they live.
BROUK president, Tun Khin, said,  “Rohingya are now being starved out of Burma and unless real pressure is put on the government and military to lift aid and movement restrictions most of the Rohingya left in Burma will be forced out within weeks,” said of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK. “The military and government have ignored the United Nations Security Council. Starvation is the new tool to commit Genocide of Rohingya.”
Plight of Rohingya Muslim minority has turned into a real concern for different rights bodies and nations across the globe.
Thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled the violence and crackdown of military forces killing of men and raping the women and burning their homes.
Bangladesh has admitted the refugees though lack of food and sanitary facilities has turned into new challenges for the minority group.
Source : RASA, BROUK
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