Publish date18 May 2016 - 10:41
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Iranian cleric demands:

Iraq should dissolve disagreements through Qur’an

Senior Iranian scholar stressed necessity of avoiding disagreements among ordinary people and volunteer forces.
Iraq should dissolve disagreements through Qur’an
Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, Iranian Shia jurisprudent, met with a group of Iraqi clerics stressing the great mission of Iraqi nation to handle the numerous problems in the war-torn country saying that disagreement among active Iraqi groups will lead to failure, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He highlighted the role of Qur’an in dissolving disagreements and said,” Muslims should stem their disagreements through following Qur’anic guidelines because they will be deviated if trapped by disagreements.”
Iranian scholar warned against disagreements (particularly in political arena) in Iraq, and said,” Mission of the scholars amid the present critical situation is to call different walks of life to call all people to unity.” extending regret over expansion of sectarian divisions in the country.
Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi hailed the great army and vigilant scholars in Iraq expressing hope that the country takes giant steps towards victory.
Iranian cleric also highlighted importance of Iraq for housing several Shia sanctities calling Shia communities to put an end to disagreements among themselves.
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