Publish date9 Nov 2013 - 11:49
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Imam Hussein (AS) rose to revive “Enjoining the Good, Forbidding the Evil”

Iranian Sunni prayer leader highlighted the philosophy of Imam Hussein (AS) uprising for his sermon on the first Friday in Muharram and called for maintaining the objectives of third Shia Imam as well as other Islamic values.
Imam Hussein (AS) rose to revive “Enjoining the Good, Forbidding the Evil”
Akhoond Samadi, Sunni prayer leader of Jargalan in Northern Khorasan Province, hailed the sacrifice of Imam Hussein (AS) to save Islam and urged all Muslims to set the third Shia Imam as an example for promotion of Islam and protection of religion against hostile intrigues, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Akhoond Samadi noted,” Commitment of Imam Hussein (AS) to human principles, supporting the oppressed and avoiding ignorance against oppression led to creation of everlasting epics that became the guidelines for the next generation of liberals and brave people.”

He underlined “To do the good and forbid the evil” as the path of Prophets and a great divine duty.

Iranian Sunni leader stressed the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) as a great uprising which raises true humans and said once the great movement is studied with insight; it can rescue man from deviations leading him to true belief and God Almighty.

Prominent Sunni scholar also warned against division as a plot of the enemies and called Muslim communities, scholars and religious elites to foil the plots with maintaining their vigilance and unity.

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