Publish date5 Nov 2013 - 12:22
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Political experts:

US intensifies Shia Sunni division to worsen Middle East crisis.

A political activist said the US fuels Middle East clashes by intensifying the rift between Shia and Sunni communities.
US intensifies Shia Sunni division to worsen Middle East crisis.
According to Taqrib News Agency (TNA) Aaz Hassan, political activist, in an exclusive interview with Russia Today (RT) said Changes in the Arab countries includes the time which is spent for achieving democracy. If you speak to the people in Cairo or Tunis, then you find them calling the events in their country as a revolution and this is true to a great extent.”

He added,” The US is leading different policies regarding the Middle East to the point that eventually they prefer security for the whole region.”

This political activist added,” US’s regional policy is to highlight its role among Middle East countries, prevalence of an American stability, either through democratic governments or through tyrant regimes.”

He referred to the critical situation in Libya and noted,” We are witness to the wide activities of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations which easily enter the region due to a lack of security in regional countries’ borders.”

Seid Alishah, another political expert said,”A closer look at the events in the Middle East and the Arab countries shows the resistance of the people against US-backed oppressive regimes.” And added,” The US is trying to create an atmosphere of division between Shia and Sunni in a bid to fuel the Middle East clashes.”

Regarding the events in Egypt he said,” We are witness to the return of Mubarak era with a different name and the Arab version of Pinochet era in Egypt and countries like that.” Adding,” This is one of the tricks by the US. The US with the support of the Egyptian army and Saudi Arabia stood against anti-Mubarak protesters and on the other hand they tried to introduce Muslim Brotherhood as a tyrant power.”

According to this expert, Americans also forced Muslim Brotherhood to stop its moderate teachings and to join or support extremist groups like Salafis.

Washington, with the support of the army, empowered the military and what we are witnessing in Yemen and Bahrain is, in fact, the green light by the White House to Saudi Arabia to influence these countries and violating the human rights.

Zeid Alishah stated,” The US is trying to impose it on the people that if they demand stability, security and growth, then they have to apply US policies or insecurity will dominate the whole region.”

He noted,” What is going on in Tunisia is exactly similar to the situation in Egypt. Saudis have no objective but to occupy other countries with the help of the US.” And added,” Saudi Arabia tried to achieve its objectives with the help of dictators like Salih in Yemen.”

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