Publish date29 Jun 2020 - 13:14
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To respect other religions transcends Muslim nations

Senior Iranian cleric has called on Muslims to maintain the respect for other religions as a rational option in a bid to move towards unity.
To respect other religions transcends Muslim nations
Seyyed Taha Mousavi Hashtroudi, top professor at Qom seminary in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to Qur’an recommendations on necessity of respect for others be it atheists and enemies.
The cleric alluded to the verse from holy Qur’an calling on Muslims to avoid sacrilege followers of other religions as a way of building mutual respect with other faiths.
“Once Muslims respect beliefs of other people, even those that are vain, they would return the behavior” he said.
He said all Islamic sanctities would refer to “Allah” or “holy Qur’an” and all Islamic denominations refer to the holy book of Islam and monotheism in a way.
According to the senior scholar, to maintain the mutual respect, even with minor disagreements among their followers, will foil hostile movements and boost our efforts to protect religious sanctities.
“It is deduced that one maintains utmost respect in respecting sanctities of other religions” noted the cleric as part of efforts to achieve unity and esteem for Muslim nation.
Prominent cleric in Iran’s prestigious seminary of Qom, Seyyed Taha Mousavi has long background of teaching in the seminaries and universities. He has also been an active preacher deployed to different cities across Iran.
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