Publish date26 Feb 2020 - 16:23
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“Deal of century, nothing but political show off”, political expert

US main objective in proposing the so-called peace plan for Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to guarantee regional security for the Zionist regime of Israel.
“Deal of century, nothing but political show off”, political expert
Mahdi Shakibaee, political expert on Palestine issue in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) detailed the US national and international objectives behind proposing a so-called peace plan to settle the conflict between Israeli regime and Palestine.
He said,” Following the Islamic awakening uprising in the Middle East region, the US has been constantly endeavoring to create military, political and economic crises for Islamic and Arab countries in order to prevent their support for Palestinians and also imposing a new crisis, Syria, on them.”
Iranian expert referred to formation of a powerful resistance axis in the region in a bid to prevent some behaviors by the United States, Zionist regime and western countries.
He hailed the achievements of the resistance since the outbreak of critical situation in Iraq and Syria so that the attentions are once again focused on the issue of Palestine.
“Deal of century translates to Palestinians receive a sum of money to forget al-Quds, return of the refugees to their homeland, an independent government and their other legal rights all of which amounts to death of Palestine” Shakibaee said and added,” The so-called peace plan is in fact a move to boost Netanyahu stance in future election and guarantee his victory over rival candidates.”
The political expert said Trump’s peace plan means to obsess the world and to kill time in order to settle their regional ties, divide some countries and strengthen relations with some allies.
He rejected the plan proposed by US President calling that in full violation of the international laws and UN resolutions and expressed regret that some Arab and Muslim countries submission to the US and Zionist regime and their violation of resolutions 242 and 198.
Mahdi Shakibaee stressed constructive presence of all Muslim countries and noted,” This so-called peace plan will not materialize as far as the Arab and Islamic countries play active roles in confronting the Zionist regime for liberation of al-Quds.”
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