Publish date20 Jan 2020 - 14:03
Story Code : 448720

“Trigger mechanism could backlash against Europeans”, commentator

European countries confined to talks during JCPOA arguments though the trigger mechanism can also backlash against them.
“Trigger mechanism could backlash against Europeans”, commentator
Sabah Zangeneh, Iranian commentator on international affairs in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said the trigger mechanism could also condemn the European signatories of the deal since the mechanism translates to a return to pre-JCPOA condition for them.
He said,” European signatories, during JCPOA negotiations, confined to promises without fulfilling any of their commitments amid the US maximum pressure against Iran.”
He added,” Europe is concerned over its future and imagines its green light to Washington will save it consequently, makes strategic mistakes.”
According to the Iranian commentator the trigger mechanism can also condemn the European countries because that will translate to return of the signatories to pre-JCPOA condition, step down of their commitments or total withdrawal from the deal while practically they have not been committed to any of their obligations under the deal.
Sabah Zangeneh stressed,” European countries are practically joining Trump’s maximum pressure policy against Iran though to carry out the trigger mechanism will take long time because it was the US and European signatories who firstly withdrew from the accord; hence, are legally condemned.”
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