Publish date25 Nov 2019 - 14:11
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Bangladeshi thinker:

Wahhabism, intolerant of Islamic unity

Bangladeshi thinker stressed importance of Islamic unity and noted that Wahhabism is intolerant of solidarity among Muslims.
Wahhabism, intolerant of Islamic unity
Abusaleh, Bangladeshi thinker, in an interview with RASA News Agency highlighting importance of unity among Muslims and warned of those who cannot bear coexistence in Islamic societies, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Muslims from different denominations are living at peace and full coexistence, a fact which is not tolerated by Wahhabism.”
Abu Saleh slammed Wahhabi struggles to divide different Islamic groups referring to an attack by the deviate group targeting Shia gathering in Bangladeshi capital three years ago.
He hailed the endeavors of Bangladeshi government to boost unity among different Islamic denominations in the country despite Wahhabi efforts to disperse Muslims.
Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan in 1971 to make home for a majority of 89.7 per cent Muslims mainly following Sunni Islam.
United Muslim Ummah is an institution which plays an active role in solidarity and freedom of Muslims worldwide.
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