Publish date13 Nov 2019 - 12:30
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King’s College University professor stresses:

Mostfa prize can dedicate to role of Muslim female scientists

Mostafa science and technology foundation has done a great job and it can do more to dedicate to the role of Muslim female scientists in its next meetings.
Mostfa prize can dedicate to role of Muslim female scientists
Palestinian-descent Khuloud al-Jamal, professor of Nanomedicine from London’s King College in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) conducted on the sideline of the third Mostafa (PBUH) Prize held in Tehran, hailed the major science and technology event a huge effort in the world of Islam stressing its capacities to underline the capabilities of Muslim female scientists.
She said,” Mostafa science and technology foundation has done a great job. This is a huge event and clearly they have put a lot of effort to hold the meeting.”
When asked on how Mostafa Prize can contribute to empowerment of Muslim female scientists and bringing an accurate image of women to the world she said,” Mostafa foundation can help because we have to impact on the role of women” and added,” There are multiple ways that has to be agreed, not by one person but by members of Mostafa Prize committee.”
She lauded the huge number of women scientists in Iran, referring to her meeting with female professors and researchers at Tehran’s Az-Zahra University.
She stressed compromise from both sides, male and female members of the family, as the social prerequisite to empowerment of women and highlighting their role in the Islamic community.
“The new generation is changing we believe that event young men are able to help their wives but having strategy and vision where we want to be in ten years time and work towards that vision has more structure for that” said the UK-based Palestinian professor.
She was also asked on how Mostafa prize can contribute to bring Muslims united saying,” The world is becoming more interactive because internet is taking boundaries between countries we have to educate each other about each other” and added,” We need to educate and portrait the right image and accept each other so about diversity and inclusion we are very diverse but we should include each other in the different aspects.”
Nanomedicine professor of Kings College in London highlighted importance of endeavor and improvement and noted,” In general we should always strive to do better and even if we do well at one time we should think how we could do better.”
She proposed that Mostafa Prize collect feedback from the participants and see what other things could do in future.
Born in Saudi Arabia and brought up in Jordan, Khuloud al-Jamal is Palestinian-descent professor of Nanomedicine in Kings College who has been based in London for the past 19 years.
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