Publish date27 Aug 2019 - 12:17
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Saudi-led coalition seeking way out of Yemen quagmire

US politicians are perplexed by capabilities, improvements and the great changes brought to Yemen amid Saudi-led coalition endeavors to get out of the present quagmire in the Arab country.
Saudi-led coalition seeking way out of Yemen quagmire
Heshmatullah Falahat Pisheh, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee at Iran’s Parliament in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) called the missile attacks launched by Yemeni forces against key oil factories in Saudi Arabia as he referred to Riyadh struggles to flee the quagmire in Yemen.
He said,” Following the failure of Saudi-led coalition in military confrontation with Ansarullah, disintegration of Yemen is set on top of the agenda.”
He added,” At present the world is plagued with wars of attrition as none of the wars since WWII have been won since the winners do not achieve their objectives with Yemen as an instance of that.”
Iranian MP called Yemen war as a war of attrition where the warring sides pursue balance as Yemeni forces have made it to improve their military capabilities and change the equation to their benefit.
Heshmatullah Falahat Pisheh stressed the critical situation Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are trapped in and quoted the US politicians clearly announcing failure in achieving their objectives in the Arab country despite the massive expenses paid.
He said,” The Arab-Saudi-American coalition has lost the war against perseverance of the Yemeni nation, popular committees and expansion of its missile capabilities seeking a way out of the present crisis they are harassed with in the Arab country.”
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