Publish date14 Jul 2019 - 15:51
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Yemeni expert details:

UAE confusion over withdrawal from Yemen war

Since countries attacking Yemen have found US weak to launch war on Iran, they are confused over the way to withdraw from the current conflict against Sana’a.
UAE confusion over withdrawal from Yemen war
 Hamid Rezq, Yemeni political expert in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to the United Arab Emirates as one of the countries in favor of withdrawing from Yemen war though it is fully present in the conflict.
He said,” UAE confusion in withdrawal from Yemen war is proof for failure of Emirati Crown Prince Bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman since the beginning US threats against Islamic Republic of Iran” and added,” They were expecting outbreak of a war against Iran that would benefit them as they could have shifted to regional powers though as they found the US frailer than launching war on Iran they have found themselves unsupported.”
Hamid Rezq counted the ways ahead of UAE as; either continuing the hostility against regional nations including Yemen and Iran or beginning a gradual drawdown from Yemen war.
He called withdrawal as the sole way ahead of Abu Dhabi as they pretend to do so while underestimate the importance of the move as the entire move proves confusion of anti-Yemen coalition.
Yemeni expert said the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen has failed in its atrocities as the US media reported Saudi endeavors to dissuade UAE from withdrawal from Yemen. New York Times cannot be guaranteed for its prediction though it shows disagreement between members states of the coalition because Yemen war has been more of failure rather than beneficial for the atrocious countries.
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