Publish date20 Aug 2018 - 15:32
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Iranian political analyst demands:

‘Yemen should top 2018 Hajj subject’

Muslims can manifest the solidarity of Muslim world through their Hajj pilgrimage.
‘Yemen should top 2018 Hajj subject’
Sabah Zangeneh, senior political expert on Middle East issues, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), stressed that an important objective behind Hajj pilgrimage is to pay attention to predicaments of Muslims across the globe and Yemen with Saudi crimes committed there is currently the biggest issue in the world of Islam.
He said,” At present, more important than Hajj is the issue of crimes committed by Saudi Arabia, a country which claims to be the guardian of two holy mosques.
He called for holding seminars, publishing media programs and articles and holding talks with Saudi authorities or any other means to notice the members of Saudi alliance over the notorious nature of their crimes in Yemen.

Iranian political expert also referred to Saudi Arabia prohibiting pilgrims from Canada, Qatar and Syria from Hajj 2018 and said,” Although Riyadh claims that Hajj should not be politicized it is following the very mistake while its only mission is to provide all necessary facilities for the annual pilgrimage.”
He alluded to the holy book of Islam calling Hajj as an opportunity for Muslims to discuss their situation and boost their solidarity in unified religious ritual they perform.
Sabah Zangeneh concluded,” To perform Hajj rituals without disagreements and divergence, by itself, is a manifest of solidarity in the world of Islam though this unity should be founded upon deeper thoughts and efforts on issues of Muslims and followed in their practices.”
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