Publish date17 Apr 2018 - 15:09
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A Muslim convert explains:

Hijab bounding Muslim women’s social presence?

With a scarf covering her hair and colorful long dress, Anna Stamou, a Greece Muslim convert explains that she has found no difficulty in leading her life as an active marketing director, a wife and a member of Muslim Association of Greece.
Hijab bounding Muslim women’s social presence?
Anna, in a friendly interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), stressed the important role of youths and necessity for more participation of Muslim women in social arenas since neither object moderate Islam.
She referred to her leading a group of university students from Greece to an international conference on Islamic Awakening for youth held in the Iranian capital of Tehran when both men and women Greek visitors had found wearing Islamic Hijab quite interesting.
She said Hijab, with the meaning of covering your body does not belong to Islam since you should maintain that to monasteries and Buddhist temples.
A former Iranian cultural attaché to Athenes, Dr Touba Kermani, has made the first instance for her to find that wearing Chadur had not limited her activities while representing the Islamic Republic in the European capital noting that her dressing code (Chadur) seemed interesting to the people.
Anna Stamou stressed her choice of a moderate Hijab (scarf) though those tending for Burqa or full face Hijab stand a certain respect for her.
 “There is no meaning in wearing hijab if you do not know why you are wearing it” she noted and went on to add,” Every part of your religious belief should be taken consciously”
In her view, one should define herself, a deeply Islamic fact because then one follows Islamic ethics.”
A constant participants to Women’s union expressed hope for participation of more youths in formal Islamic gatherings like Islamic Unity Conference though they might not be experienced enough.”
She also detailed her expectations for see more women in all Islamic conferences since women are in charge of raising the next generation, “the next revolutionary figures” to quote her.
Anna Stamou expressed very high hopes for Muslim youths across the globe, be it Egyptian, Iranian or Syrian youths devastated by the war.
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