Publish date15 Apr 2018 - 16:14
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Iranian top cleric stresses:

Saudi Arabia role in bloodshed of Muslims

A senior Iranian cleric has stressed the certain role of Saudi Arabia in bloodshed of Muslims in part of his speech at a conference attended by Iranian and Indonesian thinkers in Tehran’s University of Islamic Denominations on Sunday.
Saudi Arabia role in bloodshed of Muslims
Hujjat-ul-Islam Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, Secretary General of Ahlul Bayt (AS) World Assembly, the wake of US coalition attack on Syria, slammed Riyadh for being behind all bloodsheds in the world of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Rhetorical question on reasons for hostility fanned by the US and Saudi Arabia against Islamic revolutionary movements, Hujjat-ul-Islam Akhtari said the true concern for the bromance, Riaydh and Washington, is over appearance of new Islamic civilization.
“During the past years” noted the cleric,” Not even one drop of Muslims’ blood has been shed unless there is a trace of Al Saud and some petrified Arab countries is found.”
This is while Saudi Arabia has welcomed the US-led strikes on Syria under the pretext of confronting Syrian chemical weapons.
“Saudi Arabia fully supports the strikes launched by the United States, France and Britain against Syria because they represent a response to the regime's crimes," Saudi Press Agency has reported Foreign Minister as saying.
The cleric referred to a former remark by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei calling Saudi Arabia as the ‘milking cow’ for US following Donald Trump’s meeting the Riyadh in order to ink an arms deal.
He said,” Enemies are in pursuit of Muslims as milking cows in order to loot the region.”
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