Publish date17 Jan 2018 - 15:12
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Enemies feel intimidated by Iran's power, dignity and unity

Distinguished Sunni instructor at a religious seminary in Golestan urged Iranians to dash enemies' hope for advancing their aims, rapping recent violence and sedition the country was witness to.
Enemies feel intimidated by Iran

In an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), senior official at the Religious Seminary of Rabbaniyeh Chenari, Akhound Esamoddin Gouglan lectured those involved in disturbing the standing security and perpetrating vandalism in the country.

"We've been witness to some gathering protesting against recent price hikes and the overall economic condition of the country," pointed out the Sunni cleric; he lectured those exploiting the peaceful protest and fanning the flame of the revolt.

Urging as well officials to brave the standing setbacks the country is faced with, the religious  cleric demanded Iranians to preserve and shield their unity in present situation.

"It is upon government and officials to do their very utmost and spare no effort in implementation of Supreme Leader's commands to fulfill the set objectives in economic resistance arena," stressed the religious cleric highlighting the telling necessity that enemies should not be given any room for advancing their willful aims.

Enemies of Islam on top of which sits the arrogant World "feel intimidated by Iran's power, dignity and unity," mentioned the senior official at Religious Seminary of Rabbaniyeh Chenari noting they grab any possible means and ways to damage the Islamic system. "All the same, what they should know is united nation of Iran do not ever let them pursue their evil objectives."

"Shia and Sunni nation of Iran are expected to foil all the concocted plots of their foes, dashing their hopes with tact, awareness and resistance," stressed Golistan Sunni cleric.

To Akhound Esamoddin Gouglan, the unity can remove any credible threat of enemies against Iran and Iranian nations.

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