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Promoting unity is a vital issue: Sunni cleric

"Promoting unity and rapprochement between Islamic denominations is a crucial and vital issue," stressed the religious cleric," Akhound Dardi Mohammad Olaie.
Promoting unity is a vital issue: Sunni cleric

Iranian Sunni cleric, Akhound Dardi Mohammad Olaie in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) congratulated Muslim nations on the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Sadeq (PBUH).

"In the Holy book of Quran, after believing in Allah Almighty, unity and sympathy of Muslims have been emphasized," stressed the religious cleric.

"Muslims are protected from dispersion, separation and disunity if they preserve their Islamic unity and convergence," underscored Sunni thinker warning of the negative consequences of dispersion in the society.

"The great Prophet of Islam (PBUH), by creating fraternity and rapprochement between Arab dispersed tribes, formed a community and United Ummah," underlined the religious cleric.

To Akhound Dardi Mohammad Olaie, by unity Muslims do not mean that all denominations take mingle or that their religious principles are tarnished. By boosting rapprochement, religious clerics mean Muslims welcome different takes and thoughts.

"Unity referes to preserving rapprochement and solidarity of Islamic sects and denominations against enemies," pointed out the religious cleric noting unity and sympathy among Muslims is what enemies are afraid of the most.

"Global arrogance has come to recognize that the weakness of Muslim nations occasioned by their ethnic and religious disunity, and therefore seek to damage Islam and Muslim nations from this point," underscored the religious cleric.

"Unfortunately, the enemies' strategy against Islam in the wake of Muslims' ignorance and lack of knowledge worked in some Islamic lands," pointed out the religious cleric.

Akhound Dardi Mohammad Olaie urged Muslims to abide by the Islamic rules and regulations following the lifestyle of Muhammad Prophet (PBUH).

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