Publish date7 Dec 2017 - 10:57
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People play leading role in modern Isalmic civilization

"In modern Islamic civilization, the public play leading role," stressed prominent religious cleric in Mashhad.
People play leading role in modern Isalmic civilization

Prominent religious cleric in Mashhad, Hojjatol Islam Seyyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) underlined Muslims should tap into their capacities in forming modern Islamic civilization urging leaders and religious thinkers not to marginalize popular potentials.

"In original Islamic school, for having a more effective ruling system, emphasis has been placed on the role people can have," stressed the representative of Supreme Leader's Bureau in Medical University of Mashhad noting through such way humans are valued; they can enjoy dignity such system brought them. 

"Shia and Sunni clerics should know that they have common enemies," pointed out Hojjatol Islam Seyyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei noting the enemies are after disintegration of Islamic Ummah and Muslim nations.

"We should work in tandem and unified against our enemies," underscored the Prominent religious cleric in Mashhad placing stress on abiding by Islamic teachings and instructions.

"The enemies spare no effort to fulfill their set willful objectives," streessed the religious cleirc noting they use any trick and inhumane way to plunder Muslim nations.

Hojjatol Islam Seyyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei went on to underscore," If each group and Islamic sects thinks of their own interest, then the World of Islam will be plunged into a very plagued situation."

The religious cleric urged Muslim Nations to draw their attention to the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warning sternly of the fallouts of turning a blind eye to Islamic principles and instead adopting western culture.

International Islamic unity conference marks the anniversary birthday of God’s final messenger, the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), placing much more stress on the prime importance of unity and solidarity among Muslims providing with proper ground to put concentrated effort to brave the existing setbacks and reviving modern Islamic civilization.

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