Publish date7 Dec 2017 - 9:47
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Autocratic governments are a means to promote sectarianism

"Those aiming at culture, faced a fiasco; given that they used arrogant system for forwarding their hatched plots," pointed Kuwait university lecturer.
Autocratic governments are a means to promote sectarianism

Qadir Jamal, University lecturer in an exclusive interiview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), on the sideline of the 31st edition of the Islamic Unity Confernece detailed his views on the setbacks Muslims nations are plunged into urging them to preserve unity and solidarity.

"When enemeis fail to reach their willful objectives, they will slow down their movement," stressed the religious thinker noting in such situation they think of new ways for countering enemies.

"The American-Zionist adversary named by Imam Khomeini as the world arrogance is also at this stage,"stressed the religious cleric sternly warned of fraudulent policy of western countries.

"Autocratic governments are a means to promote sectarianism," stressed Qadir Jamal asserting being vigilant is necessary, especially when the all the enemies are supported finantially.

"Sectarianism has promoted by Wahhabism; Wahhabi institutions supply the way for sectarianism," stressed Kuwait university lecturer stressing uprooting the problem is literally difficult.

The participant of the Isalmic Unity Confernece urged Muslims from all sects and denomination to foil the plots and schemes hatched by the enemies of Islam; the featured face underscored Muslims should try their very utmost to counter enemies' willful meaasures.

"In addition to ignorance, the introversion and isolation of Islamic religions are among the factors behind the standing problems Muslim nations are wrestling with," underlined the religious thinker.

Kuwait university lecturer hailed World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought for mounting the 31st edition of the Islamic Unity Conference  which give voice to top clerics to offer the true image of divine religion of Islam obscured by western propaganda.

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