Publish date5 Dec 2017 - 6:53
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Iranians are beating heart of modern Islamic civilization

Prominent Sunni cleric from Sanandaj hailed the vital role played by Iranian nation in forming modern Islamic civilization and promoting unity among Muslim nations.
Iranians are beating heart of modern Islamic civilization

Mamousta Abdorrahman Khodaei, the Friday Prayer leader from Sanandaj, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) lauded the leading role Iranian nations play in shaping modern Islamic civilization, noting, "Iranians, bearing the population composed of Muslims from various Islamic sects and denominations, are the beating heart of modern Islamic civilization, and play an elevated role in promoting the solid foundation of this necessity among nations."

The religious cleric touched upon the necessity of drawing attention to the humane and religious principles asserting, "The progressive doctrines of the divine religion of Islam always illuminates the way for its followers."

According to the prominent Sunni cleric from Sanandaj, during the elapsed fourteenth century of Islamic civilization, the enemies of Islam have been trying to prevent Muslims to advance their Islamic goals and objectives globally.

Mamousta Abdorrahman Khodaei lectured those Muslims who have been lax in doing their religious duties noting, "in some situations, enemies could fulfill their willful objectives due to the lack of solidarity and unity among Muslims."

Iranian Sunni scholar went on to add such measures stopped Muslim nations to be well on the way slowing down the progression of Islamic civilization.

"Since day one, Iranian Muslims have been one of the main pillars of the formation of Islamic civilization and focal point in promoting Islam across the globe," underscored Mamousta Khodaei hailing the constructive role of Iranian nation in forming modern Islamic civilization.

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