Publish date3 Dec 2017 - 16:42
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To launch modern Islamic civilization follows settling disagreements: cleric

Iranian Sunni scholar from Urumia stressed realization of modern Islamic civilization is possible through settling disagreement between Muslims.
To launch modern Islamic civilization follows settling disagreements: cleric
Mamusta Hasel Baleqchi, Friday prayer leader of Shahindej in Iran’s Urumia, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to resolving old disputes among Muslims as prerequisite to revive forgotten fraternal ties.
He said,” The true origin of Islamic unity is the holy religion based in man’s nature” and added,” One of the most influential steps in line with global perspective is to launch modern Islamic civilization based on solidarity among members of Islamic nation.”
Sunni prayer leader of Shahindej rapped the Zionist regime as one of the most important factors behind dispersion in Muslim world which has been struggling to divide Islamic states.
He warned,” As Islamic countries move towards globalization, those against Islamic unity, in order to project an illogical concept from Islamic unity have pictured it as a denominational solidarity and have failed in their very first step.”
Mamusta Baleqchi stressed that Muslims should array in the same front against enemies through logical reasons saying,” Universities and research centers should maintain their cooperation and solidarity in line with benefits of nations and Islamic countries.”
Prominent Sunni cleric said,” Academicians and university elites should exchange views and settle controversial disputes in order to achieve Islamic realities in scientific, Fiq’h and analytical issues” and added,” It is necessary that a shared plan is scheduled in order to be performed in coordination with others.”
Source : presstv
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