Publish date3 Dec 2017 - 16:41
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Iranian Sunni cleric notes:

‘Soft warfare’ preventive factor against modern Islamic civilization

Prominent Sunni scholar from Iran’s Urumieh city has warned against soft warfare as the most important preventive factor on the way of modern Islamic civilization.
‘Soft warfare’ preventive factor against modern Islamic civilization
Mamusta Abdul Qader Beyzavi, interim prayer leader of the Sunni community in Urumieh, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) called spread of religious-orientation and Islamic culture in a society as powerful arms in confrontation with soft warfare waged by enemies.
He stressed establishment of a modern Islamic civilization as a necessity which should be prioritized over other demands.
Friday prayer leader of Urumieh added,” Islam includes a combination of teachings, laws and justice and movement towards modern Islamic civilization realizes only through commitment to sacred objectives of Islam and Sharia law.”
Mamusta beyzavi stressed importance of solidarity among Muslim nations and their serious pursuit of modern Islamic civilization.
Iranian Sunni scholar reiterated the high capabilities of Muslims and making use of their unity to renovate modern Islamic civilization.
According to the Sunni prayer leader of Urumieh, disunity is the most important reason for Muslims being oppressed; hence, their efforts should be based on boosting their solidarity.
‘Enemies of Islam are struggling to disperse Muslims in various ways and they spare no effort to achieve the heinous objective’ said Mamusta Beyzavi expressing regret that some Muslim rulers are in coordination with the arrogant powers.
He referred to the role of universities in renovating the Islamic civilization and extended his concerns over Muslim countries ignoring the high capacity.
Source : presstv
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