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Religious fanaticism, hurdle to foiling enemies' conspiracies

"Muslim Ummah will not be able to thwart the conspiracies of enemies against Islam as long as they are wrestling with religious fanaticism," stressed the opposition leader in Pakistan's Senate.
Religious fanaticism, hurdle to foiling enemies

Pakistani political face, Raja Zafar Al-Haq in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), on the eve of the 31st edition of the Islamic Unity Conference, placed emphasis urged Muslims to promote their unity noting, "Muslim Ummah will not be able to thwart the conspiracies of enemies against Islam as long as they are suffereing from religious fanaticism."

"During this holy month, promoting unity and solidarity is more important than anything else," stressed Zafar Al-Haq urging Muslims from Islamic sects and denominations to refrain from any measures leading to disunity.

The political face believe it impossible that Muslims progress without unity, and in his viewpoint, there is no denying that Muslims can improve in various area if they abide by Islamic teachings and instructions.
"Today, Muslims must be united and confront with the standing challenges and setbacks ahead, in the World of Islam," stressed the opposition leader in Pakistan's Senate.

Some certain countries and enemies of Islam, for seeking their own interests, prefer it that Muslim nations be disunited. "To fulfill their willful objectives and disunite Islamic Ummah they (enemies) hatched various schemes and plots," stressed the political commentator noting it is incumbent upon religious thinkers and elites to play their part for promoting rapprochement among Muslim nations.
"For uniting Islamic Ummah, it is upon all Muslims to play their role and unmask the real enemies of divine Islam," underscored the opposition leader in Pakistan's Senate.

To religious thinkers, there is no question of putting aside the standing minor differences. To this end Muslims should do their very best to team up against their common enemies.

In this regard, the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought is to mount the Islamic unity conference during Unity Week so as to promote bonds of fraternity among Muslim nations, providing them with a proper ground to exchange their views to brave the standing setbacks in the World of Islam.

The purpose of the conference is providing a proper situation for promoting unity and solidarity of the World of Islam and using the proposals offered by the scholars and thinkers in order to bring their scientific and cultural views in jurisprudence and discourse arenas. The conference also studies the standing setbacks Muslims face with so as to come up in the long run with appropriate roadmaps and solutions.

Iran top unity center is to  hold the 31st edition of international Islamic Unity Conference entitled "Unity and Requirements of Modern Islamic Civilization" in December 5-7, 2017.

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