Publish date2 Dec 2017 - 15:14
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Sunni Cleric:

Soft warfare, obstacle to emergence of modern Islamic civilization

Friday prayer Leader of Urumiyeh held enemies' soft warfare as a preventive factor to the emergence of modern Islamic civilization.
Soft warfare, obstacle to emergence of modern Islamic civilization

Friday prayer Leader of the Sunni community in northwestern city of Urumiyeh in West Azarbaijan Province, Mamousta Abdol Qader Beizavi in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), on the eve of the 31st edition of the Islamic Unity Conference, urged Muslims from all sects to get united against their common enemies and, to this end, tap into their potentials as much as possible.

"Soft warfare is the main preventive factor against Modern Islamic Civilization," pointed out the Sunni cleric sternly warned Muslims of the fallouts of dispersion in the world of Islam.

The seasoned cleric counted the promotion of religious-orientation and Islamic culture in the society as powerful arms in countering soft warfare waged by the enemies of the divine Islam.

"The implementation of modern Islamic civilization in the society is a necessity and must be placed high on agenda," pointed out Friday prayer Leader of Urumiyeh.

"The divine religion of Islam is the collection of teachings, regulations and justice," stressed the religious cleric noting Modern Islamic civilization can be formed through adherence to the divine rules and regulations.

"Today, it is necessary for the Islamic countries and Muslim nations to unite and seek for the new Islamic civilization," underscore the Sunni cleric noting, disintegration is the latent reason for Muslims being oppressed; thereupon, their efforts should be centered on promoting their solidarity.

"Regarding high potential Muslims are blessed with, they can work in tandem in all arenas and revive Modern Islamic Civilization," concluded Mamousta Abdol Qader Beizavi.

To religious thinkers, if Muslims cannot get united, then they will be overwhelmed with confusion and mired in many a problem.

Given that, despite their standing problems and setbacks, Muslims should do their very utmost to unite and team up against the enemeis.

These days, there arise a demand for preserving unity among Muslims nations; in this connection, religious thinkers stress, "there being no major difference among Islamic sects and denominations," urging Muslims to refrain from any measures leading to disunity in the World of Islam.


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