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Chairman of Islamic Human Rights Commission vows:

“New Islamic civilization, era for no more oppressed or oppressors”

Massoud Shadjareh, chair of the UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, where the Islamic scholar related on different aspects covered by Islamic civilization and necessity of a renovation to the achievement to fit the present demands of the Muslim world and the whole human community.
“New Islamic civilization, era for no more oppressed or oppressors”
On threshold of 31st Islamic Unity Conference, this year on the theme of new Islamic civilization, Taqrib News Agency (TNA), has conducted an exclusive interview with Massoud Shadjareh, chair of the UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, where the Islamic scholar related on different aspects covered by Islamic civilization and necessity of a renovation to the achievement to fit the present demands of the Muslim world and the whole human community.
He vowed that the changes will benefit the whole human community since the holy religion of Islam does think of Muslims and non-Muslims.
Taqrib News Agency asked him on what aspects Islamic civilization covers and to what extent is it necessary to be renovated in line with the modern world to which he said,  ”The fact is that civilization covers all aspects of society. Islamic civilization, when we look at it, was at its height at the time of Medina.
It was a civilization which embraced all needs and aspirations of human beings and regularized Muslims’ relationship with one another.”
He said, ”It indeed prevailed justice when there was none, a justice which was not merely for the sake of the believers rather it was much wider than that and that is why it was embraced.”
Chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) said,” When you look at Islamic countries where Islamic civilization was implemented partially, like what happened in Spain, you find it as a catalyst for renaissance and a catalyst for the revival of European culture.”
He referred to influences of Islamic civilization on other civilizations when the holy religion was introduced to other nations saying, ”Indeed when we look at the whole history of Europe you see that cohesion between different sects, cultures, ethnicities has implemented in Europe and implemented today have been fully in the way that it was at the time of caliphate of Muslims in Spain; so, when we are talking about the revival of Islamic culture we are talking about the revival of the culture of understanding the culture of justice the culture of giving people their rights i.e. the culture of rejecting racism and all other forms of discrimination and so forth and bringing justice to all communities and all people in that community.”
He added, “We know the world is burning for a new era of brining that level of justice, that level of legality, that level of protection for all especially for the weakest in society and we also
need to be the champions of showing these possibilities to the societies at large and promoting this pure Islamic culture which comes for the pure Islamic understanding which was brought by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).”
Taqrib News Agency asked the Muslim scholar on the future prospects of a new Islamic civilization when he stressed that basically greed, prejudices, racism and importance of the people above society have to be got rid of.
 According to Massoud Shadjareh,” When we are talking about Islamic civilization we are not talking about prays and fasts but we are talking about promoting a civilization that brings Islam to lives on economic, social and political as well as all other aspects of Muslims’ lives then we will come to an age with no oppressed people because there will be no oppressors, there will be no oppressed and the oppressors will not be tolerated.”
He added,” We will not have wars for oil. We will not have the clashes of economies because greedy people are not trying to abuse the masses and that sort of society is a just society where everyone is a stakeholder. We will not have Myanmar, Yemen.”
Islamic scholar also stressed, “People will not go on bragging about Arabism and non-Arabism as many nations are spending all their time on those scenarios or thinking about the influence of their power and how they could enforce their power; like those who send all their families and their couples into jail, be it a 7star jail-hotel. In a new Islamic civilization that sort of thing will not happen because then we will be prominent about everything which serves Allah, the society and looking after each other; so, really
what we will get rid of is all these abuses. There will be no corruption. There will be a Jihad against all these 'isms' and create a world based on purely Islamic understanding of relations between man and God and between man and man and between Muslims and non-Muslims and etc… because then we are all responsible as Imam Ali (AS) said,"You are either my fellow brother in religion or my fellow brother in humanity."
Chairman of IHRC noted, “We do have responsibility towards everyone when we talk about changing the society for better; because we are not only talking about changing the society for ourselves but for everyone. As Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was Rahmat-ul-Alamin, the compassion for believers, for Muslims, for humanity, for the world or for the whole creation.”
Massoud Shadjareh also related on the contribution that Islamic unity can make for renovation of Islamic civilization saying,” Unity is not an option. It is a must as God Almighty commanded us 'hold fast to the rope of Allah' (verse 103 chapter Al-e-Imran) It is actually an order to come together and he who does not endeavor is actually
breaking his commitment with Allah but the fact is when you look at the unity, that unity will serve humanity, will serve the Muslim Ummah (nation) and will be an obstacle to the enemies of Islam and those who want dispersion to command the universe; so, you receive clearly from this calculation that all those who stand up for unity are standing up for Islamic culture, bringing people together, command of Allah; therefore, those who plot against are helping the enemies of Muslims and enemies of humanity.
Massoud Shadjareh is a human rights campaigner, who began his activism on campus at UCAL Berkley during the anti-Vietnam protest movement in the late 1960s.  In 1997 he helped to launch Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) with a group of other Islamic activists working on different international and national projects.  IHRC is a campaign, research and advocacy organization based in London, UK, at present chaired by Massoud Shadjareh. He has authored several papers and reports on Islamophobia and human rights, including, The Oldham Riots, Muslim Profiling, Islamophobia: The New Crusade and Whose Rights Are They Anyway?, published by the British Council.  Shadjareh has completed postgraduate studies in Cambridge and London in International Relations.
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