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Ayatollah Araki stresses:

Unity not negating differences, Islamic countries join talents, capabilities

Secretary General of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, referred to Islamic civilization as a civilization with no xenophobic features and noted,” Major Islamic values are tolerant even helpful towards other civilizations same way that Iranian civilization successfully turned into a prolific one via what it derived from Islamic civilization.
Unity not negating differences, Islamic countries join talents, capabilities
Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in an interview televised on Iran’s state channel detailed the features of new Islamic civilization and its relations with unity.
He quoted philosopher Abu Nasr Farabi (872-950) categorizing cities into three types of great, average and small out of which the great one stands for the global community saying,” No city is formed without any relation founded between its citizens and the basis for this tie is the culture which includes variety of beliefs and values.”
He added,” The output of western civilization is aggression against other civilizations, like what we witness in the US. Any civilization, in interaction with its siblings, brings total changes to everything from the language to culture and that is the proof for its xenophobic qualities, quite contrary to the Islamic civilization which convenes diversity of people as it is not intolerant of other civilizations.”
Ayatollah Araki added,” Islamic civilization arrived in our country, Iran, without taking our positive traditions or our language. We are still in possession of our traditions like Nowrouz celebrations and that
is because major Islamic values are not only tolerant of other civilizations but also helpful to expand them. This means that Islamic civilization expanded and transcended Iranian civilization into a movement and a rare burgeoning civilization which helped appearance of top figures in the history. This civilization appeared in different arena including architecture, natural sciences, humanities and etc… to join Iranian and Islamic civilizations for a new and constructive version. Islam, in arriving at any country, has not undermined the language, traditions or social rituals because this is a civilization which tolerates others.
Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought noted,” Islamic civilization is what the present human society is urgently demanding, a unifying civilization which is able to create peace in the world and transcend its identity through fraternity. This is while the output of xenophobic civilizations is what we have witnessed during the past two centuries; world wars, nationalistic prejudices and sectarianism.
He added,” Nationalism has its roots in intolerance of others meaning that we divide Kurds, Arabs and Baluch from each other then spark war between them. This is exactly what is happening in the Middle East region during  recent years when the US-led western countries and puppet governments among Islamic states, for instance Saudi Arabia, are in ambush to disintegrate the culture, people and countries when we find the capabilities of Islamic civilization during Arbaeen ceremony and the massive march of the people
from different ethnicities, though with the same ideological values, heading for the same destination.
Ayatollah Araki reiterated,” What is capable of realizing the unity necessary for us is what the enemy is at war with. Enemies have targeted the focal point for our solidarity and that is our civilization and this translates to what forms Islamic solidarity within the framework of unity, a fact that motivated us to set it as the theme of Islamic Unity Conference 2017. We intend to begin the new Islamic unity conference with this theme so that turn it to the main concern of Muslim world elites eventually the topic for their cultural and ideological struggles. If this conference can stir the demand for a new Islamic civilization in the world of Islam with unity as its grounds, a civilization tolerant of other civilizations where Islamic Republic of Iran voices its mottos of peace, friendship, fraternity, kindness and high values then we would have achieved our objectives.
He added,” If we can inspire the move as a general movement both in the Islamic countries and other societies, it will serve human society and one of the most important objectives of the Islamic Revolution, for which the late leader, Ayatollah Khomeini (RA) struggled and so much blood has been spilt for, will realize."
Top religious figure also related on the achievements of new Islamic civilization for
the regional nations and said,” The basis for advancement in society is that every individual shares his capabilities with those of other people to form a transcended society to achieve its objectives, this is a geography of diversity with people of different talents, as holy Qur’an in several instances stresses the diversity of ethnicities, geographical features, races and etc…
Ayatollah Araki added,” These diversities necessitate man’s tolerance to cope with all varieties, share his possessions with others so that a combination of these assets, an event called ruling of God’s men happen, meaning that man makes a great move. Now in what way can man reach this transcendence to represent God Almighty on earth and make such a great move? This is the very issue Islamic civilization intends to fulfill and that will realize only when members of society join their capabilities. The basis for culture and Islamic civilization is that we all combine our talents to turn into a super power and make huge moves.
Ayatollah Araki added,” Elites across Islamic states are sometimes unaware of the talents and capabilities in their countries, 70 per cent of world’s national resources are in the Islamic lands. A major part of the mines across the world are located in the Islamic countries and these are opportunities demanding Muslim governments to join their capabilities as it is what we intend to achieve through unity intended to serve others because basically solidarity is not meant to serve the war but to spread peace and Islamic values.
Iranian cleric noted,” Once we settle all our issues the world has no way but making peace with us. Our message for the world is one of peace, reconciliation and convergence. This is what annual Islamic unity conference and Islamic civilization are
calling the world for. The mega power which should make the move is quite dynamic in the world; hence, if we turn it into a global issue to fulfill our duty in this line, then we have prized humanity with the best award possible, Islam, Qur’anic teachings and lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Secretary General of the World Forum counted egoistic views as a block against new Islamic civilization and said,” This is the relation between two sides, one is a movement based on egoistic wills and the other side is tendency for God. To admit the command of God Almighty is to have modesty against justice and Islamic values when this modesty is what unites human beings together since all are equal in front of the justice.

If people join each other, leave their egos behind and pursue justice, then there will be no difference between people then there will be no difference between people since these diversities feed man’s ego. Who would approve homicide? Who disapproves helping others? If Muslims follow the lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) then they will see there is no major disagreement then we can reach agreement with Jewish, Christians and even atheists based on human values.
He added,” Religion is the same and if other religions are also committed to monotheism, then we will certainly reach the same point. All messengers of God are symbol of unity. Islam, other religions and prophets have come to unite all people based on human values. If man follows the path of prophets, then it will certainly achieve unity because what God Almighty intends to carry out in human society
is the same as what God has operated in creation of the world. Creation of the world is based on variety within a united system. Unity does not negate diversity rather it translates to a complimentary role of diverse forms which join to a unified body with power in its hands. If diverse forms properly combine with each other they will create a beautiful picture of humanity which is called in Qur’an as “Blessed be Allah the best to create.”

Ayatollah Mohsen Araki also related on the role of Supreme Leader on inspiration, development and operating the renovation of Islamic civilization and said,” New Islamic civilization and unity are ideas whose pioneers were the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khamenei and the late founder of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini (RA). We can study and detail the principles of this Islamic civilization as well as discovering executive strategies for the idea among remarks by both figures.
He added,” Basically what is meant from sending the Islamic Revolution does not necessarily mean military deployment or sending the political system of the Islamic Republic or even topple of regional states rather it means to send the new government system proposed by Iran. This is the same system which pursues political stability; therefore, what we intend to send, has political origin and leads to stability of the country and not shaking its pillars. What the US is doing is the origin of destabilization in the region sparking war between all countries. We believe that the process founded by late Imam Khomeini (RA) continued by the leader and pursued by the new Islamic civilization will bring peace, determination, justice and prosperity for all communities.
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