Publish date31 Jul 2016 - 11:36
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Iranian Sunni cleric:

“Saudis misuse religion to their benefit.”

Iranian Sunni scholar criticized Saudi government for misusing religion saying that the strategy is doomed to fail.
“Saudis misuse religion to their benefit.”
Mamusta Molla Mostafa Mahmoudi, prayer leader of Piranshahr city in West Azerbaijan Province, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) criticized Saudi sabotage for Hajj 2016 saying that the Arab government has turned a religious ritual to a political issue.
He called Saudi hurdles for Iranian pilgrims as a blocking of the annual ceremony calling that a major sin.
Mamusta Mahmoudi rejected Saudi officials accusations against Iranian authorities blaming them for allegedly preventing Iranian pilgrims from Hajj 2016 and stressed,” Since long Saudis have prevented Iranian Hajj pilgrims under different pretexts and to ban Iranian flag being hung or prevention of the ceremony for disavowal of the infidels is nothing but a threadbare excuse.”
Prayer leader of Piranshahr said,” Iran is the only independent country which intends to perform the religious ritual based on holy commands while Saudi government is in pursuit of commands from the west and its politics, economy and military forces are all dependent upon the western countries.”
He also called Saudi Arabia as the agent for the US and colonial powers in charge of dividing Muslims and noted,” Saudi Arabia is not only dividing Shia and Sunni but also dispersing Sunni community.”
Molla Mostafa Mahmoudi warned that if the present situation maintains, Islam will turn so weak that it will not be able to stand on its feet calling Muslims to stand against colonial powers and avoid division because it is only in the light of unity and fraternity that Muslims can promote.
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