Publish date6 Oct 2013 - 13:37
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Top Sunni cleric:

“Hajj is a symbol of Islamic unity.”

Grand Mufti of Shafei Sunni in Iran stressed the importance of Hajj and demanded for facilitating participation of the youth in the great congress.
“Hajj is a symbol of Islamic unity.”
Mamusta Hessam el Din Mojtahedi, top Sunni cleric from Sanandaj, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) called Islam a universal religion which has increasingly spread its teachings across the world.

On the eve of Hajj pilgrimage days, senior Sunni scholar warned against hostile efforts to prevent spread of Islam in the world and said,” These efforts, due to promoted and logical teachings of Islam, have never made it to block the success of the divine religion.”

He highlighted the importance of collective activities as a unique feature of Islamic communities that has brought two major achievements for Muslims, firstly intensifying activities of Muslims and secondly foiling hostile intrigues by the enemies.

Mamusta Mojtahedi referred to Hajj pilgrimage and said,” Undoubtedly the great congregation of Hajj and multi-million participation of Muslims from different races, denominations and tribes is a show off of the determination of Muslims and a great concern for the enemies.”

He also reiterated special attention to Hajj and paving the way for participation of the younger generation.

“The world is following annual Hajj pilgrimage; therefore, we have to make the best of this great congregation to bring the hearts of Muslims closer together and boost proximity among different Islamic schools of thought.”

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