Publish date12 Jun 2013 - 13:45
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Sunni scholar:

“Participation in election is our national religious duty.”

On the eve of 11th Presidential election in Iran, Sunni cleric demanded people for wide participation in the event calling that a national and religious duty that has to be fulfilled.
“Participation in election is our national religious duty.”
Haj Baba Akhoond Makhdoumi, professor at Pouladin Sunni Seminary in Northern Khorasan Province, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to the upcoming presidential election said participation in presidential election is a religious duty for all Iranian individuals because this cooperation guarantees the survival of our country.

Akhoond Makhdoumi stressed,” Because of the importance of president in managing the country, people have to widely attend the election and choose their brave, efficient and qualified candidate.

“Heavy turnout of the people will certainly have wide feedback across the globe.” He said and added, “Participation of the people will foil negative propaganda of the enemies to discourage the people with the election and show that they have not had the least effect on the determination of Iranian nation.”

Sunni scholar from Tangeh Torkaman noted,” Iranian nation, by their wide participation in the election, will prove to their enemies that not only they are not disappointed but also they will remain obedient to the recommendations of the Supreme Leader to make a historic move and participate in the election.”

This seminary professor also said the enemies should be aware that Iranian nation achieved Islamic Revolution at a high price so they would never forget their high revolutionary objectives.

Akhoond Makhdoumi also addressed Shia and Sunni scholars to explain the importance of participation in the election for the people and call the people to participate in this great event on Friday June 14th./HK
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