Publish date11 Jun 2018 - 14:04
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Ramadan traditions across the globe 1 (photo)

Ninth month in lunar calendar is the special month of with fasting, prayers and Qur’an for over 1.6 billion Muslims (almost 23 per cent or world population) across the globe.
Muslims fast, abstain from eating and drinking from dusk to dawn, during Ramadan making the best of the holy month for prayers, repentance or charity activities.
Collective prayers are usually appreciated by those who can attend one. For some others the occasion for repentance is not missed.
Ramadan in many Islamic texts is called as the month of Qur’an; therefore, learning, recitation or any activity related to the holy book of Islam is recommended.
Charity activities are multiplied as the spirit of Ramadan is one of sharing food, prayers and happiness with others especially the needy.
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