Arbaeen march, manifest of unity and cooperation in Islamic nation

by: Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari
Arbaeen march has been valued as a social asset in realization of Islamic unity and a reproduction of the great Hajj convention in a different scale with and a Shia discourse.
Publish date : Sunday 12 November 2017 16:59
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Mohammad Hussein Mokhtari, director of the University of Islamic Denominations has detailed his views on the annual march in a note which calls the annual tradition highlighting the pacifist nature of Arbaeen march, high capacity of the event against Islamophobia and glory of inter-cultural ties during the marching days.
40 days of constant mourning between Ashura to Arbaeen is in fact an annual and formal gathering to voice the disavowal of tyrants of the history and Imam Hussein (AS) in this public protest is the symbol of brevity, liberty and resistance with Yazid representing oppression and corruption; hence, the massive gathering of Arbaeen proves Imam Hussein (AS) in a certain status in the hearts of the people whose minds are obsessed with the Battle of Karbala more than anything else.
This span of 40 days is an opportunity that the people grow the love of Imam Hussein (AS), blend a hatred of his tyrant killers in upbringing of their children, leave the greatness of Ashura for the next generations and hold the significant ceremony with more enthusiasm.
Certainly the great marching of Arbaeen is a social asset in realization of Islamic unity and a reproduction of the great Hajj convention in a different scale with and a Shia discourse and in line with religious self-consciousness, concise imaging of life in the light of a unified nation; hence, Arbaeen transcends the ideological and objective commonalities for a pious life attracting utmost in inter-cultural relations between Shia and other pious believers from different Islamic countries even absorbing different walks of life from non-Islamic states and expands a morale of pluralism denying humanism and individualism.
Arbaeen, manifest of pacifism in Islamic nation
Multi-million presence of the Shia and Sunni brothers and participation of liberal followers of other monotheistic religions in Arbaeen march is proof for the key fact that Imam Hussein (AS) stood up not as a warmonger but to realize objectives like justice and pacifism; therefore, the great march of Arbaeen is in fact a reproduction of a historical catastrophe which presents the future of a world with pacifism against oppression which can be highlighted as a charter of unity among different Islamic denominations.
Naturally pacifism does not translate to submitting against void values but it means standing against abnormalities, as a result, supporting human values, pacifism and unity of Islamic nations are the most important messages of Arbeen great march which provides the ground for world peace.
Failure of Islamophobia, message of Arbaeen march
It is not in vain that the US and its allies, particularly Saudi Arabia and also Takfiri groups like Daesh go against Arbaeen march due to the unifying elements in its semantic discourse. It is because of the fact that arrogant powers are claimants of humanity with war and not peace while Imam Hussein (AS), not through a war mongering strategy, when he took his whole family to Karbala region, sent the message of peace and reform and enlightened the people.
The approach by media hostile with Islam is defined on dividing Muslims in a way that besides boycotting coverage of news on the massive march, it has taken anti-Islamic stances to reveal its growing scandal in fighting Islam and opposing human values.
Recently some intriguing agents have been following thread bare strategy of ‘divide and rule’ as the most important satanic policy in line with denying the messages of Arbaeen in inter-cultural entities to highlight geographical boundaries and other superficial issues like that to impose sectarian war; hence, we are witness that western media are appalled by enthusiasm of the younger Muslim generation to attend Arbaeen ceremony. These enemies are taken aback by unparalleled religious, social and cultural commonalities of Islamic countries, fading of the borders between Islamic countries and boosting interaction between different societies.
This is while western countries are taking step in line with boosting regional interactions to lift geographical borders and protecting the security, economy and culture of the western countries have been approved as a principle by members of the European Union but contrary to the vain thought by western hostile media to expand Islamophobia, the capacity of Arbaeen will work to boost Islamic Awakening and confront arrogant powers especially when the true nature of arrogant powers including the US, UK and other White House allies has been revealed for the nations like Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other Islamic countries.
Glory of Inter-cultural Relations in Light of Arbaeen Ceremony
In view of world elites and intellectuals, cultural interactions are among criteria necessary for globalization; hence, to transcend convergence in a scale beyond nationalities and religions is a valuable achievement which can be influential in deepening the cultural, economic, political and social relations.
Eventually it should be noted that multi-million Arbaeen procession, with its unprecedented glory, is on the one hand reveals the efficiency of the ceremony and on the other hand highlights the affection of Islamic nation and other religions to the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (AS), to the point that the great gathering has turned into a renewal of vows between Muslims and Imam Hussein (AS), in fact revealing the aspects of Muslim awakening in confrontation with oppression. It is in this breath that the great march of Arbaeen is among clear instances of interaction between cultures in the world of Islam and those of the world bringing the hearts and minds closer together with lifting geographical borders.
Realization of this objective is importance since Arbaeen has a huge capacity to project human values among all religions to the point that the great congregation should be counted as a revolution of communication in the modern world because communications relates to history and geography and Arbaeen is the interpretation of the history and geography of Karbala to picture the future of world during the appearance of the last savior.
This is while the standards of western civilization are confined to merely social constructions but the culture of Arbaeen and its sociological influences are based on a return to cultural field of Islam; hence, the culture of Arbaeen is quite dynamic and this dynamism is focused on relations. Culture is the stability aspect and relation is the dynamic aspect of the annual event.