Representative of religious minorities hail coexistence in Iran

Representatives of the religious minorities in Iran met with the deputy of secretariat for 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution to hail the coexistence of different groups in Iran.
Publish date : Wednesday 5 December 2018 14:20
Code: 383409
Representatives of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrians in Iran met with deputy of the secretariat for 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution to vow their all-out support for the ceremony hailing the coexistence of different religious groups in Iran in post-revolution era, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Mobed Ardeshir Khorshidian in this meeting with Nasrullah Lotfi referred to the positive achievements of the revolution and said,” Solidarity with all ethnical, religious and tribal groups is of utmost importance to us since we recognize ourselves as Iranian and will not spare any effort for our country, Iran.”
Yonathan Betkolia, representative of the Assyrians in Iran called for removal of “minorities” accompanying the titles for non-Islamic monotheistic religions and quoted the late founder of Islamic Revolution calling Iranian nation as ‘unified body’ saying,” Once the move is made claimants of democracy will not be able to charge Iran with ignoring the rights of different religious groups in the country.
Homayoun Samayeh, president of the Jewish community in Iran, lauded the peaceful life of religious minorities in Iran away from any segregation and the support for all monotheistic religions freely practicing their rites.
The meeting between representatives of different religious groups and secretariat for 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution was held amid threats and anti-Iran sanctions in a bid to boost the solidarity of all Iranian groups in a unified body against anti-Iran campaigns by arrogant powers.