Iraq seeks to postpone war reparation to Kuwait

Iraq is seeking to negotiate to postpone or maintain the current instalment of war reparation paid to Kuwait for it’s 1990- 1991 occupation.
Publish date : Wednesday 21 November 2018 15:02
Code: 379700
The Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Halbusi intends to visit Kuwait to discuss the reparation file with the Kuwaiti National Assembly, but has not yet set a date for the visit, the Alsumaria News site reported.
“The parliament speaker has presided over a meeting for the finance committee in the presence of the government committee charged with reviewing the 2019 budget,” a statement from Halbusi’s office said.
According to the statement Halbusi “proposed the formation of a parliamentary committee to visit the Kuwaiti National Assembly and discuss the possibility of postponing or maintaining the current instalment of war reparation paid by Iraq to the State of Kuwait”.
The UN Compensation Commission announced a few days ago that as of next year Iraq will pay 1.5 percent of its crude oil exports to the commission which oversees the reparations bill.
This year, Kuwait received three payments each worth $90 million in April, July and October.