Accusing Iran of Denmark attack case is Zionist conspiracy

Zionist regime intelligence has accused Iran in Denmark attack case to derail the track of Iran-EU talks and undermine the nuclear deal between the two sides.
Publish date : Tuesday 6 November 2018 10:50
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As Denamrk intelligence service has accused Iran of plan to allegedly assassinate heads of al-Ahwaziyah in Copenhagen, Ali Zirak, Iranian political expert has called that a false flag and a Zionist plot to undermine the nuclear agreement between Iran and the European bloc, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to Europe’s resistance against US withdrawal from JCPOA which is not much approved by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; hence, motivating Tel Aviv regime to create an excuse for the European bloc to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

“Interestingly enough, the news on the alleged attack were issued by MOSAD” said the Iranian expert and added,” However amid the present situation to launch such an attack by Tehran does not stand the least possibility.”

Back in June, Belgian authorities said that Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi had been arrested over suspicions of plotting a bomb attack on a meeting of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO). Germany later extradited the Iranian diplomat to Belgium.

Later on October 30, Danish intelligence chief Finn Borch Andersen claimed that an Iranian intelligence service had tried to carry out a plot to assassinate an Iranian Arab opposition figure on Denmark's soil.

Swedish security police also said a Norwegian citizen of Iranian descent had been arrested on October 21 in connection with the alleged plot and extradited to Denmark.

However Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has decisively rejected Denmark's claims that an Iranian intelligence service had tried to carry out an assassination plot on the Danish soil, saying the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, was behind such allegations.