7 killed, 13 injured in attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt

At least seven Coptic Christians were killed in a shooting by unknown assailants in Egypt’s central Minya province today, according to local media reports.
Publish date : Saturday 3 November 2018 14:20
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Egyptian media outlets quoted a church official as saying that “terrorists” had opened fire on a bus carrying Christian pilgrims from Egypt’s southern Sohag province.
The bus was reportedly on its way to Minya’s Saint Samuel Monastery when the deadly attack occurred.
According to reports, 13 people were injured in the attack which is the second of its kind near the same monastery within the last year and a half.
In May 2017, 29 people were killed when unknown attackers opened fire on two buses carrying Christians to the Saint Samuel Monastery.
Shortly afterward, the Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the deadly assault.