Mujtahidd: Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz returns to Saudi Arabia

The famous Twitter user Mujtahidd revealed that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz arrived in the capital Riyadh after months of his stay outside the Kingdom.
Publish date : Wednesday 31 October 2018 09:25
Code: 373169
Mujtahidd mentioned that Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was welcoming his uncle “but without cameras or protocol.”
Mujtahidd wondered: “But who guarantees that bin Salman would adhere to the pledge?”
Rumours have been circulating over the past period about the situation of Prince Ahmed, and the possibility of his declaration of opposition to the current regime’s policies from outside the Kingdom.
During his stay at a European residence, Prince Ahmed talked to Saudi oppositionists, telling them that the king and his crown prince are responsible for the Yemeni war crisis, which prompted the government to issue an explanation on his behalf via the official news agency.