Foreign minister: Latest US sanctions show disregard for human rights of all Iranians

The United States’ latest economic sanctions against Iran display a disregard for the human rights of all Iranians, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.
Publish date : Saturday 20 October 2018 10:39
Code: 370043
“Latest US sanctions violate 2 ICJ orders: to not impede humanitarian trade & to not aggravate the dispute. Utter disregard for rule of law & human rights of an entire people. US outlaw regime’s hostility toward Iranians heightened by addiction to sanctions,” Zarif said in a Twitter post.
By ICJ, Zarif was referring to the International Court of Justice.
“US addiction to sanctions is out of control,” Zarif also wrote on Twitter.
He said in the tweet that one of the banks was vital for food and medicine imports and seemed to suggest it was not close to the militia – a volunteer force mainly involved in Iran’s internal security operations – without naming it directly.
“Iranian private bank key to food/medicine import is designated because of alleged EIGHT degrees of separation w/ another arbitrary target. In comparison, all humans on planet are connected by SIX degrees of separation. You do the math,” Zarif said on Twitter.