Iran partakes IMF-World Bank meeting

Acting Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance attended the annual meeting of International Monetary Fund and World Bank, which was held in Bali, Indonesia, on Saturday.
Publish date : Saturday 13 October 2018 22:30
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Leading a high-ranking delegation of experts, Seyyed Rahmatollah Akrami is scheduled to meet senior officials from participating countries on the sidelines of the event.

Global financial leaders wrapped up the annual meeting by urging countries to brace for potential risks from trade disputes and other tensions.

The International Monetary and Financial Committee, which advises the IMF's board of governors, issued a communique on Saturday urging countries to keep debt under control, engineer policies to ensure credit is available in line with their levels of inflation and ensure sustained economic growth "for the benefit of all."

IMF members also pledged to avoid devaluing currencies to seek a trade advantage by making a country's exports relatively cheaper.