‘From Delusion till Fear’ to be screened at US’ Marina del Rey Filmfest.

‘From Delusion till Fear’, Iranian short horror film, directed by Iman Davari, has been accepted into the screening program of 7th Marina del Rey Film Festival in the United States.
Publish date : Saturday 13 October 2018 15:29
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Directed by Iman Davari, ‘From Delusion till Fear’ will vie with other titles at the 7th edition of Marina del Rey Film Festival in California, scheduled for October 17 – 22, 2018.

Marina del Rey Film Festival, according to the event’s website, is a hotbed of activity for film and technology on the westside of LA, which aims to promote the spirit of filmmaking and indie film in Marina del Rey and Los Angeles.

The Iranian short has already taken part in various international film festivals, including 2017 Chicano International Film Festival in US, 2017 Cefalù Film Festival in Italy, 2018 Der Phantastische Trash Film in Germany, and the 2018 Birmingham Horror Group in the UK.