Iraqi and coalition forces arrest suspected members of Daesh funding network

A joint task force of U.S. coalition and Iraqi special forces have arrested 10 suspected members of a network that provided funding for Daesh in the capital Baghdad and the northern city of Erbil, the coalition said on Thursday.
Publish date : Thursday 11 October 2018 14:46
Code: 367400
The task force conducted raids from Oct. 7-9 and arrested suspected members of the Rawi financial network, which operated as a "financial facilitation group" for the militants, the coalition said in a statement.
"The arrests deal a major blow to ISIS's [Daesh] capacity to threaten and terrorise civilians," said Major General Patrick B. Roberson, commander of Special Operation Joint Task Force -Operation Inherent Resolve.
"This demonstrates that those who assist in, sponsor, or provide financial, material or technological support to ISIS will face severe consequences."
Iraq declared victory over the militant group in December after retaking swathes of territory it held but its fighters have since then waged a campaign of kidnappings and killings.