‘Talk with Iran, Syria, independence from terrorists sole ways for Riyadh’, cleric

Prominent Lebanese cleric stressed Saudi Arabia should wake up to the fact that talking to Syria and Iran and other regional countries is its sole way for regional issues.
Publish date : Sunday 7 October 2018 15:25
Code: 365757
Head of Hezbollah executive council, Sheikh Ali Da’moush, counted holding talk with regional countries and independence from terrorists as ways for Saudi Arabia, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Washington is robbing its so-called ally, Saudi Arabia, to humiliate them in front of the world while Riyadh is merely silent against the shameful remarks, a desperate silence out of weakness ” and added,” Riyadh has admitted the humiliation so that the US protects the incapable Arab regime.”
The cleric also noted,” It is high time that Riyadh woke up to the fact that Washington has cheated them with an illusionary enemy to rob them to the point of bankruptcy and keep them under its domination.”
Sheikh Ali Da’moush stressed talking with Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and other regional countries and as well as independence from terrorist groups as the solutions for the whole region.”
Lebanese cleric denounced the US, Zionist regime and their allies over crimes committed in Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.