Turkish version of book on Imam Mahdi (AS) published

Kowsar Publication has released Turkish version of book on twelfth Shia Imam to provide the Turkish readers with another source on Imam Mahdi (AS), grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Publish date : Sunday 23 September 2018 13:14
Code: 361255
‘Uprising of Our Awaited Mahdi (AS)’, (Imam Mehdi, Bizi Bekliyor) is the title for book by Doctor Seyyed Hussein Aqayee which has been published in Istanbul by Kowsar Publication amid the mourning days of Ashura, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The author in parts of the book, introduces twelfth Shia Imam in chapters titled, strategic perspectives in Mahdavism, expecting Imam Mahdi (AS) to train missionaries, strategy of expecting, power in a revolutionary campaign.
This book concludes with a chapter on expecting Imam Mahdi (AS) in view of the late founder of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini and also in remarks by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.
‘Uprising of Our Awaited Mahdi (AS)’ has been translated to Turkish by Matin Atam.