Indonesia seminar discusses Qur’an views on Islamic civilization

Indonesia’s Raden Fatah State Islamic University hosted international seminar on promotion of sciences as means to advance new Islamic civilization in an international seminar attended by scholars from Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations (UID).
Publish date : Tuesday 11 September 2018 15:25
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Iranian professors from University of Islamic Denominations have provided their articles detailing features necessary for formation of new Islamic civilization, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Mohammad Taqi Shakeri, professor of Islamic philosophy, in his article ‘Features of New Islamic Civilization in View of Qur’an, Building Sustained Peace among Muslim States’ presented to the seminar related on concepts of civilization and Islamic civilization and counted Qur’anic views on features for a civilized society.
‘Building Islamic civilization based on laws, religious life based on monotheism, rationality, education, unity, prevalence of justice and economic independence are among features counted in the holy book of Islam to form an Islamic civilization’ he said.
Member of the academic board at Iran’s University of Islamic Denominations also related on the relation between the aforesaid features and Islamic unity calling Iranian academy as an example of coexistence between Shia and Sunni scholars and professors.
Doctor Atefeh Zarsazan, professor of Qur’an and Hadith at University of Islamic denominations, delivered lecture on her article on ‘A Review on Grounds of Promotion in View of Qur’an, Building Global Peace’ highlighting advancement of mankind in different fields as one necessity for achieving peace.
She said,” Hostility, war and bloodshed reaches nowhere but retrogression; hence, individual and social promotion of man in spiritual and temporal aspects has always been an objective of prophets in line with prevalence of peace for all people.”
Iranian professor quoted the holy book of Islam calling spiritual promotion besides temporal advancements as what the Almighty God meant mankind to struggle for in a bid to promote his soul.
Member of the academic board at University of Islamic Denominations counted boosting piety, purposefulness, patience and perseverance, hardworking, generosity and thankfulness as features which count for promotion of man’s soul in view of Qur’an.