Al-Qaradawi’s ex-wife sues Al Riyadh newspaper

The ex-wife of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the jailed Egyptian Islamic theologian, has denied recently publicised claims by a Moroccan journalist, Abdelhak Snaibi, in the Saudi Al Riyadh and decided to sue the newspaper.
Publish date : Monday 10 September 2018 11:45
Code: 357413
Asma bint Qada said during an interview with Algerian TV channel Ennahar TV: “When there are conflicts between countries, the professional journalist must use a scientific approach to analyse the complex events. He/She should also abide by the professional and ethical standards.”
Bint Qada conveyed a message to the Saudi newspaper saying: “by publishing what the Sinabi wrote you became a vessel for falsehoods”.